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Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure 3ds Rom

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure 3ds Rom telecharger

Summary: Dr. Mario is back with a new arsenal of treatments. In the Miracle Cure Laboratory, you’ll take on preset challenges with normal, two-sided pills and L-shaped pills. To aid your recovery, you’ll fill a special gauge to earn Miracle Cures that will help alleviate your ailments. Pop in powerful Blasters to disinfect a section of the bottle, or apply cleverly placed Zappers to wipe out entire rows or columns. Then, self-prescribe some Miracle Cure power-ups in endless Dr. Mario or Dr. Luigi game modes to balance out your intake. A caution from the doctor: challenging your friends locally or online may be habit forming.


  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre(s): Stacking
  • Cheats: On GameFAQs
  • Rating: E

 First Released Jun 11, 2015