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Sid Meiers Pirates 2004

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Sid Meier’s Pirates! is a 2004 strategy, action, and adventure video game developed by Firaxis Games and published by Atari, and later on 2K Games.[1] The game is a remake of Sid Meier’s earlier 1987 game, also named Sid Meier’s Pirates!. Overall, the gameplay remains similar to the original game, though it features a 3D game engine (NDL’s Gamebryo). Some elements such as sun sighting have been removed, but other features have been added, such as a ballroom dancing mini-game and an improved turn-based land combat system.

Pirates is separated into several mini-games requiring different skills, as well as an overall “sailing map” mode where the player navigates around the Caribbean, looking for things to do. Sailing technique, evasion (running from guards), naval gunnery, turn-based strategy, dancing with the governor’s daughter, fencing, and strategic planning are all skills needed to succeed in Pirates. During the game, players can acquire items and special crew members who make some mini-games less skill-dependent, but must also choose one of five different skills at the start, which the game will give them an advantage in.

Most controls are relegated to the nine keys of the number pad, and the game is completely playable using only the keyboard (numpad keys and enter), excluding the start menu and control screen. This is assisted by a visual representation of the keypad in the lower right corner of the screen, which also shows the function of each key at any given time. For example, during ship-to-ship combat, the “3”, “7”, and “1” keys on the numpad representation are shown with images of different cannonball types – these buttons are used to select different types of cannonballs to fire. The on-screen keypad can also be clicked with a mouse, performing the same function as the keyboard key would have performed. Though the mouse can be used for various commands, the keypad is the preferred input mechanism due to the game’s mechanics.

A duel is carried out with swords, although pistols can be acquired by the player to give him a starting advantage. During the duel, each combatant attempts to strike at his enemy without being struck. Each combatant can use one of three attacks: a low slash, a high chop, and a middle thrust. Each combatant can also defend against incoming blows with a dodge (against high chops), a jump (against low slashes), or a parry (against middle thrusts). When a blow “connects”—that is, the opponent fails to block with the right move—the struck duelist moves backwards. When one duelist reaches the “limit” of the fighting area, he loses the duel and either surrenders or is knocked out of the battle.

A red and white bar across the bottom of the screen indicates battle advantage. Where the red and white portions of the bar meet indicates which duelist has the advantage. The closer the meeting point is to a duelist, the worse he is faring. When the player properly performs a blocking move or strikes the enemy, the bar shifts towards the opponent, indicating that he has lost advantage. The duelist with more advantage can attack faster, while the duelist with less advantage attacks slower. Also, a failed attack has the chance of disorienting the attacker, causing him to become even slower for a short time, in addition to opening him up for an attack.

Another important combat move is the taunt. If this move is executed in full without the opponent striking, the opponent loses advantage.

When fighting on ships, several events can provide opportunity for an unconventional attack. These include buckets and gaffs lying around on the ship’s deck, as well as ropes swinging overhead. When the player or the enemy is situated adjacent to such an item, executing the correct attack will use the item (kicking the bucket, swinging from the ropes, etc.). If such an attack is successful, it knocks the enemy back and causes more disadvantage to him than a normal strike.

Lastly, almost every fighting scene has a middle point that has a strong effect on combat. On a ship, this is the flight of stairs leading from the poop deck or forecastle onto the main deck. In a tavern, this is the balcony and the stairs leading up to it. If a combatant has been pushed all the way to the middle point, a cut scene will show the two combatants moving past the obstacle. On a ship, they run down or up the stairs. In a tavern, the enemy will be knocked down the gallery, and the player will run up the stairs. This has the effect of giving time for the advantage bar to swing back to the neutral position, equalizing the fight somewhat during this cut scene.

Langue : Anglais
Hébergeur : Fileserve | Uploaded.to | Torrent 

Plateforme : Pc 
Tailles des fichiers : 1 x 1000 Mo
Taille total : 1000 Mo  

System Requirements of Sid Meiers Pirates PC Game

Before you start Sid Meiers Pirates PC Game Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Tested On Windows 7 64 Bit
  • CPU: Pentium 1 and higher
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB

Sid Meiers Pirates PC Game Free Download

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